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Since 1982, more than 30 years ago, we were the first to start making delicious, crispy, sweet, rolled cornett products.

In the past confectioners all across Europe, named and shaped the hand-rolled caramelized ice cream cone most likely after the well-known instrument, the cornet. As of today, the cornet is still the most popular cone among customers.

Wide style and shape variety were always an important part of our policy, so today we are also making water based and half-sweet cones in several sizes and shapes. Currently our variety consists of more than 25 kind of self-made wafer products. Besides ice cream cones, there are wafer rolls, wafer cups, hippens, wafer hearts and wafer crackers (sweet, salty, diabetic and gluten free).

From the very start flawless quality, friendly prices, delightful packing, quick delivery and an extensive reseller network has been always the characteristics of our company.

In 1993 due to our friendly personal connection we started to distribute the whole product variety of Italian ice cream material factory, Bigatton. That means more than a hundred of ice cream bases, numerous flavours, ice cream powders, syrups, and various decorations. With these materials making an attractive, light, delicious ice cream is more than easy.

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